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education & Design Consultation

We begin by gathering the essential information about the jewelry’s recipient, general budget guidelines, and other key information from the client. We talk through the basics of stone quality and the process of creating a custom piece of jewelry. We explore design concepts and discuss what some of the challenges might be and how to overcome them. Often clients don’t have a specific piece of jewelry in mind, but rather a goal (e.g. “an incredible 50th birthday present”).

Concept Review & Design Approval

Serpentine Jewels’ design team creates concept sketches for the client to review and provide feedback on. Once a design is chosen, we provide a specific price quote for the piece as well as a 3D model for review.


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Stone selection

If there are precious stones used in the piece, we work with dealers to select an assortment of GIA certified diamonds or top-quality colored stones to present to the client. We generally inspect a large number of stones before presenting you with a group of options that we believe represent the best value and best fit for your particular piece — and explain why each stone is priced the way that it is.

Production & delivery

Serpentine Jewels handles all aspects of the manufacturer coordination required to bring your piece to life. The final product is delivered along with an official appraisal that can be used to insure the piece, if desired. We also have extensive relationships with quality insurance providers and are happy to provide introductions and guidance on what is important when insuring a piece of jewelry.