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Serpentine Jewels is a New York City-based personal jeweler and design consultancy that offers expertly crafted engagement rings and custom fine jewelry.


Engagement Rings

Most people feel like they have two options for buying an engagement ring: shopping at a retail store, where they are likely overpaying for a beautiful ring, or going to “a guy” in the diamond district recommended by a friend or co-worker, where they’re likely to get a questionable stone in a poorly designed setting.

Serpentine Jewels provides an alternative to these channels by offering the same quality of stones and settings as a luxury retailer, along with custom design options, at below-market prices.

Custom Jewelry

A bespoke piece of jewelry is one of the most exceptional and memorable gifts available to today’s buyer. Serpentine Jewels’ custom fine jewelry projects include milestone anniversary and birthday presents, reimagining family heirlooms, and creating modern masterpieces from the ground up. Our custom projects range from simple diamond studs to as complex a design as one can imagine.